Kinda looking punk rock kinda looking like I didn’t get enough sleep ✌️

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Every Pop Punk Vocalist (x)

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Felt like submitting in a photo, since this blog is amazing and has made me cum so many times… so, thank you for that!*

Aw, thank you gorgeous! I just hope I can make you cum again very, very soon ;)

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this post is to officially commemorate the day jeana and i became friends

bc this is important

and we have come to agreement that this gif is our relationship gif from now on


have a nice day

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This is the original of this repost.

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Me: do you like rough sex
Them: yeah lip biting is great
Me: no you don't understand
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Punk rock isn’t about not giving a fuck, it’s about giving the right fucks.

And also, like, not letting anyone else tell you what the right fucks are.

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